Now booking weddings in Massachusetts!
Now booking weddings in Massachusetts!
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How it Works



It's so simple! Just choose your favorite collection, fill your shopping cart with every single item you need for your wedding day, and check out! Our products are based on availability, so be sure to claim your bouquet early so it can be all yours on your big day. Because our flowers have limited availability, all orders must be cancelled at least 60 days prior to event for a full refund. 

Please contact us about delivery fees, pick up locations, or shipping options. For local deliveries, we will pick up your wedding flowers the Monday or Tuesday after your wedding.  


Caring for our flowers is the easiest part - you don't have to keep anything in water or worry about wilting. We do ask that you keep your flowers out of the rain and away from an open flame. We will give you more detailed care instructions when you receive your flowers.